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Register online today to post your property. You have complete ownership of your rentals, location description and details. Manage bookings with our calendar, communicate with renters, and monitor reviews on our virtual facilities designed for your convenience. Generate rental income without the additional fees associated with other online booking services. Holiday Rentals by Owner provides you with a user-friendly as well as a secure way to manage all your vacation rentals. Grab this opportunity to earn! Come & explore our top quality vacation rentals by owners and book a better rental experience today. Listings are prone to change; thus bookmark this page to keep an eye on our latest listings, customer reviews, and seasonal rate changes

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Are you a vacation rental owner? Are you a private person considering to rent your guest room, flat, house or other property to earn some extra money? Register here, we'll help you to get started today - at minimal registration cost.

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  • We would love to receive mail from your side and provide you the required details and help as per our years of experience with private vacation rentals.

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We connect your vacation rental business with Holiday Rentals by Owner, countries across 50+ dedicated. unlimited photos, unlimited text, owner dashboard, monthly reporting, two calendar synchronization, two external links, promote specials /deals, social media exposure, newsletter exposure and many more features we provide you to get the confidence to earn and host an experience to remember!

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Looking for a reliable, user-friendly and all-time service for vacation rentals booking site. Get the best of virtual services at Holiday Rentals by Owner with an assigned Listing Representative for your Property. Your basic to difficult complexities and Issues with the Listing or in upload anything through Owner’s dashboard can be resolved Don’t’ worry there would be an assigned Listing Representative working for you, who will work 24/7 dedicatedly for you Property Listing.

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We understand the value of your hard earned money, so we offer you the best deals with great features. We often run promotional discounts, that you can avail whether you are an OWNER or PROPERTY MANAGER.

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We believe in relevantly being available for our customers because we are self-motivated to keep our website optimized for their search terms, organically ( Search Engine Optimization-SEO ). Travelers visiting our website are in marketing mostly to rent a vacation rental Property. We use optimized keywords that best suit our customer query and create our complete content on that line only. Apart from that, we run Pay Per Click Campaigns which allows us to be on the top of the Google Search Pages. Adwords helps a huge return of Investments for our marketing efforts.

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